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Biomass Corn Stoves

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We are proud to offer Magnum Countryside stoves. These stoves are Bio-mass stoves, which means they can burn many types of fuel including wood pellets, corn, wheat, barley, olive and cherry pits, and a few others. This means you are not locked into just one kind of fuel, so if one want to change because of price or availability, you can. Magnum stoves are made by American Energy Systems located in Hutchinson MN. They have been in business for over 30 years, and made the first certified corn stove over 20 years ago.

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Magnum stoves are available in 3 different models, 6 different colors, and gold or nickel door and/or trim to choose from, so it's easy to choose a stove that will fit into your room and your tastes. All models are thermostat ready, over 80% efficient, and have a 5 year structural warranty.

The Baby Countryside is a 40,000 BTU unit that can heat up to 1500 square feet. It has the latest in clean burning, low ash combustion technology. A auto ignition can be added for easy starting, it is available with DC voltage for use with battery backup. It has a 50 lb hopper, so it can run for up to 40 hours between refills. The Baby Countryside is perfect for smaller homes, or for heating a great room, large family room, a game room, or just for supplemental heat in larger homes.

The Countryside model can pump out up to 56,000 BTU's, and can run 35-45 hours on a 75 lb hopper full of fuel. It can heat up to 2200 square feet, so most homes can be heated solely with the Countryside. It has a self cleaning burn pot, so no clinker to deal with. You can choose between a leg model or a pedestal model. With its large ash pan and clean outs designed for easy maintenance, this model requires very little time per day to maintain.

The Countryside Insert is the same stove as the Countryside, but with no legs or pedestal. It has the 75 lb hopper, the self cleaning burn pot, and the same btu rating. It is the perfect solution when you are looking for something to slide into your existing fireplace. It's available in 6 colors, gold or nickel trim options, and a matching shroud so it fits perfectly into your room.

To see how a Biomass Stove compares to other fuels, Click on Excel file or Word Document
Click here to go to Magnum's website for more information.

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