Here is my corn storage bins and vac system.

I haul the corn home in my 14ft dump trailer that holds appro. 130 bushels of corn.

I hook up my home made screener to it, hook the 1.5" flexible PVC pipe to it,
and then hook the other end to the pipe going to my downstairs bin.


My downstairs bin holds about 55 bushel and has the "CornVac" installed on it, so I just hook my
shop vac to it, and start sucking corn from the trailer, thru the screener, and into the bin.

. .

The top screen on the screener lets the corn fall thru while the big stuff does not, and the bottom screen lets the fines fall onto the ground while the corn slides down into the pipe hooked to it. Then the "CornVac" catches more fines, which gives me really clean corn. Once I have corn in the downstairs bin, I can then transfer it to the over the stove bin that holds 13-14 bushel. I just hook the shop vac up to the 2" pipe coming from it, open the valve on the downstairs bin to allow the corn to be sucked from it up the 1.5" pipe to fill the bin over the stove. The corn is already cleaned, so I dont need to screen it or use the "CornVac". Something you need to know if you want to use a vacuum to transfer corn like this is the bins need to be air tight, all seams, joints, windows, ect. need to be chalked.

. .

Notice the windows on the bin and how you can see the corn thru them, this way I can tell how much corn I have in the bin. For more pics and detailed info of the over the stove bin, go to