BioGuards 3 Step Chlorine Program

The BioGuard 3 Step Chlorine Program is an easy to follow, once a week system that will keep your water crystal clear, under normal conditions, all year long.

Step 1- Smart Sticks, the only chlorine stick that will last a week long. It continuously adds small amounts of stabilized chlorine to the water to kill bacteria and keep the water sanitary. What makes it smart is the Patented "Smart Guard" that stops it from dissolving when the pump is turned off. This will not allow the chlorine level to get high enough to bleach out your liner or damage anything else close by.

Step 2- Smart Shock or Easy Shock & Swim , add 1 pound to each 12,000 gallons once a week to oxidize out any contaminant's and free up any combined chlorine, and it also buffers and clarifies pool water. Either one can be added anytime, night or day, and you can swim 15 minutes after addition, and it don't need to be pre-dissolved.

Step 3- BioGuard Back Upô Algae Inhibitor. Back Up is specially formulated to work with the first 2 steps to prevent all types of algae from growing in pool water. It requires no mixing or pre-dissolving. Just 1 oz per 5000 gallons of water once a week after the initial dose is all you need. It also depletes the oxygen from the water which means bugs and water living creatures can not survive in your pool.

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